What’s been happening in our Estate

The Lawn Maintenance team have been working on a number of tasks over the last couple of years. Here are some of our achievements:

  • We have successfully negotiated with a new lawn maintenance company to maintain the green areas.
  • We have successfully secured a small amenity grant (over the last few years) from Meath County Council, which has assisted us with the planting of beds, trees and shrubs in the green areas. We have already applied for this years grant.
  • 21 saplings were uplifted on April 15th and replanted around the main green area. We would ask residents to be mindful of these when using this area for games, etc., so we can enjoy them maturing over the coming months and years.
  • April 2017 Some cherry blossoms were planted at the corner of Racehill Lane /Court.
  • Nov 2013 Dwarf Daffodils were planted at the trees along Racehill Road.
  • We have availed of some free tree saplings from Meath County Council, which need to be collected in Kell’s each year. These have been growing behind the crèche and will be transplanted around the green areas as they mature.
  • We have engaged with the builders in respect of the pyrite work that is being done, and obtained a guarantee that the affected areas will be returned to their original state once the works are completed.